Studio Events


  • Photo Days: Thank you parents for all your help with our photo days! Photos will take about 6 weeks to come back. For your digital copies, the photography company will email you when your photos are ready and you will be able to login to their Parent Portal on their website where you placed the order and view and download your photos from there. If you ordered actual prints, we will send them home with your dancer as soon as we get them from the photographer.  

  • June 12th - Cowabunga Bay Performance: All of our classes and teams will be performing at Cowabunga Bay water park on Saturday, June 12th! This is a fun casual performance for all of our dancers. Dancers get their ticket included with their tuition.  Friends and family can purchase discounted tickets below through us for $15.50 each. Dancers will need to arrive at 2:15, doors open for the park's afternoon session at 2:30, performance at 2:45 and then you can stay and swim the rest of the day until they close at 6:00. 

  • June 22-23 - Practice schedule: Regular classes only have both dress rehearsals and the show this week. Company teams still have practice on Wednesday. 
    No classes at the studio on Tuesday, June 22. 
    On Wednesday, June 23 company teams have regular practice schedule, but Ages 9-11 "Respect" class does not have practice this night. 


  • June 24th - First Dress rehearsal: Dancers will have their first dress rehearsal for the ENCORE show at Northwest Rec Center on Thursday, June 24th from 5:45-8:45 p.m. Full costumes, make-up and hair. 

  • June 25th - Second Dress rehearsalwe will have second dress rehearsal on Friday, June 25th from 6-9 p.m. at Bountiful High School. 

  • ENCORE Anniversary Show: This is our big performance of the semester. Family and friends will not want to miss it! The show will be held on Saturday, June 26th at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium of Bountiful High School! 

    Each family receives 2 free tickets to the show, per dancer. Additional tickets will be available to purchase for $15 each.
    Click here to purchase ENCORE tickets.

    We are very excited to be having all our classes and team dancers participating in this bigger celebration show for our 15th anniversary! With dress rehearsal and the show having full lighting and use of projection screen in the auditorium, not only will the show be more of a production, but the dancers will also get a new neat experience of learning about lighting cues and wing entrances, etc. while being part of a larger cast and putting on a full show together!

Spotlight Dancer - Kaitlyn Graciano


Kaitlyn is a remarkable student!
She is in our Jazz/Contemporary Ages 7-8

class and she took class the entire

last semester on Zoom!

Learning every step virtually and then performed beautifully in our showcase last month! 

Her ability to pay attention and push herself each week on Zoom has been nothing short of extraordinary! 

Kaitlyn, is also one of the sweetest hearts you could ever meet! Always polite, patient, smiling and kind to others.

Kaitlyn, you are a rockstar!

We are so proud of you!

Dance Combo 56.jpg
Purchase Cowabunga Bay Tickets here:

First enter the name of the dancer you are coming to see and then hit "Buy Now". On the next window you will be able to enter the quantity of tickets you would like to purchase and continue to make your payment. Purchased tickets will be sent home with your dancer. If tickets are purchased close to the performance date, we will have them at the front gate of the park at 2:15p.m. under the dancer's name.